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She has Great Taste

Great Taste - Boston, MA

Beautiful Spread
Lotus bean dumpling
Another perk about my job is that my boss is a total foodie. He enjoys trying new foods and taking his employees! No resistance from me. We all met down in China Town looking for some dim sum for brunch. Turns out, dim sum is more of a brunch food than dinner. News to me. If you recall, I've been on one other dim sum adventure a while back. Definitely a cool experience. I was pumped about this one because 11 people eating means tons of dishes to try. As soon as we sat down we had 2 full pots of
delicious hot tea. This was not a dim sum place where they come around with carts and you choose what you want. Instead they made everything fresh to order. I was ok with it. Each dish came to the table in a different type of container. Bamboo bowls, nice china, large platters, etc. Well, there's no easy way to do this. Gotta go with bullets.

Beef noodle on top, Beef stomach on right, Shrimp dumpling on the left
-Beef stomach: Very different than the last beef stomach I had (It's not every day that you can write that sentence). This stomach was a little bit more mild. Not as much a kick to the face with spice. Still chewy. Still delicious.

-Beef noodle: This was basically beef tucked inside what I think was a thin rectangular noodle. The noodle was wrapped around the beef quite a few times and probably steamed. These flattened log shaped noodles sat atop a pile of fresh steamed greens. What kind of greens? Not a clue. They were good though.

-Beef/pork/shrimp dumpling: This dish was one of the prettier dishes. It was some sort of dumpling pull of all the meats of the world. Interesting flavors as they all rolled around in your mouth. 

Shrimp roll
-Shrimp roll: Basically... a deep fried shrimp roll. Shrimp was wrapped in a thin roll and crisped up perfectly.

Fried radish
-Fried radish chunk thing: Alright, think of tofu and hashbrowns, chilis and parsnips. That's what I would guess this was like. This dish came piping hot to the table (literally burned some flesh in my mouth and left hanging skin... gross). What it actually was was shredded deep fried radish cubes. There was that little spice you normally get when you eat a raw radish, but this was hot. They came in blocks life tofu, looked like squared off tater tots, but were white and looked like shredded parsnips. On top of the stack of radish chunks were some scallions and a little fried something or other. No idea. That's all part of the experience, right?

-Beef balls: Hahah. Same as before. Looked like seagull vomit.

Beef balls on left, stick rice from lotus leaf on right
-Sticky rice in lotus leaf: These were so neat! They tucked sticky rice that was chocked full of some kind of ground beef (maybe) with little sausage slices into a lotus leaf, folded it up and steamed it. It was so good! You could taste the fattyness of it, and that's probably what made it so good.

Rice and beef congee
-Rice and beef congee: This was definitely new to me. The rice and beef congee is a thick soup. Kind of reminds me of some sort of chowder with rice. It had a certain lightness to it though that didn't make you feel like you were eating gallons of cream.
Sticky rice in lotus leaf
Lotus bean dumpling
-Lotus bean dumpling: This was similar to the lotus bean dumpling I had before except that this one had an egg yolk tucked within the sweet bean paste. Just the yolk. Definitely unexpected. I love the fluffy dumpling part of this just because it's sweet and light.

-Egg swirly waffle tasting thing: I have no idea what this was. It basically looked like cooked scrambled egg rolled up. Except... that this tasted like a waffle cone. Mmmm so sweet and good.
Tapioca egg lump in front and egg swirly things in back

-Tapioca egg lump: This takes the cake for the weirdest thing we ordered and no one knew who ordered it or what it was. To me, it basically looked like a huge frog egg. A huge, clear, lumpy ball with something in the center. The thing in the center turned out to be another egg yolk. Interesting. And the clear goo all around it tasted like tapioca to me. We all had different ideas of what it tasted like to us, so ... I suppose we'll never know.

Homemade Muesli Bar - 578 Washington St #3

3 cups Trader Joe's Blueberry Muesli
1/4 cup chocolate chips
1/4 cup peanut butter
1/3 cup honey

1) In a small saucepan, melt peanut butter and honey. 
2) Stir liquid mixture into the muesli. You might have to use your hands to mix it all in.
3) Line a baking pan with parchment paper or greased aluminium foil and press mix into pan. Flatten with a cutting board or plate. 
4) Sprinkle chocolate chips on top
5) Bake at 375 degrees for around 30 minutes. For a crispier bar bake longer. For a chewier bar, bake less
6) Let cool completely and cut into bars. 

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